Monday, February 11, 2019

Guess who is back! Humphrey Returns!  

The Rivercrest School District is once again participating in the One Book/One District  program. Every student and school employee will receive this year's book selection Friendship According to Humphrey by Betty Birney. You may remember that we read The World According to Humphrey last year, and the book reading was a huge success.

The kick-off is February 14th. Our plan is for a chapter to be read every three days, and the reading schedule will be posted in each book. The book has fifteen chapters, so we will enjoy approximately 45 days of reading and related activities. We hope you will share this book with your entire family!

In this book, we will continue to read about Humphrey the Hamster. We will share his adventures as he deals with making friends with another classroom pet. He also uses his special skills and talents to help the students in Classroom 26 improve their friendships with one another. He is able to work his magic to bring about positive outcomes to support a new girl who won't talk and has trouble making friends, two pals who get into a terrible fight, a bully who causes trouble on the bus, and the janitor who dreams of going back to college. We will be talking about what makes a good friend as we read. I love an engaging story that also has some great lessons!

Reading together helps children become better listeners, builds vocabulary, and creates positive feelings about books. Most importantly - reading is fun! I hope you will enjoy reading this book along with me - and don't forget to be on the lookout for some fun activities along the way!


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