Monday, December 17, 2018


High Hopes!

Are you where you thought you would be this time last year? Did you keep your new year resolutions? Did you meet goals that you set for yourself ?  Did you make the grades, lose the pounds, read more, exercise more, practice kindness? December is the perfect time to take a minute and reflect upon the year that is winding down.

Are you like me? I have a mixed bag of successes and opportunities. On a personal level, I consider myself blessed with a loving family who are always nearby and five grandchildren who are the lights of life! I have opportunities this next year to help out more, to get some pictures hung in my home, and to cook more family meals. On a professional level, I am also blessed. What an honor it is to serve my home school community! Teachers are working diligently to provide high quality instruction in a safe learning environment. We are collaborating as professional learning communities to analyze data to determine instructional next steps, and students are being successful! The elementary has been recognized for an award for the students' growth in literacy. High school students are earning scholarships and awards. Is there room to grow?  Sure - but we are moving in the right direction. In addition to success in the classroom, our students also excel in athletics and other extra-curricular activities. Our high school cheerleaders are back-to-back state champions! I am very proud of our students, and they make me smile every day. I know parents and other community stakeholders share my pride in our students!

As I begin to look to where we might be this time next year, I am filled with anticipation about what the future will hold. I am hopeful. Have you heard the song "High Hopes"? It is an old tune that brings a smile to my face (I know that I smile pretty easily!), and I hope it will make you smile as well. What, indeed, makes the ant think he can move a rubber tree plant? Our collective high hopes can make a difference, and I am eager to see what we will accomplish in the year ahead!
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Check out the YouTube song!  And please excuse the quality of the video!

Enjoy the Christmas break!

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