Tuesday, October 9, 2018


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10 Reasons to Buy a Rivercrest Yearbook
#10 - Who wouldn't want to have a lasting reminder of their fabulous hairstyle and their current fashion statements?

#9 - What other publication will you ever own where people have written all kinds of wonderful things about you?

#8 - Who knows, you might actually end of with the autograph of someone who becomes famous?

#7 - Your yearbook will serve as a great reference to figure out who all the "old" people are at your high school reunions.

#6 - The yearbook will entertain your future children as they look back at your pictures!

#5 - Social media posts come and go!  Snapchat and Instagram posts are fleeting moments. The high school yearbook is an analog book that chronicles all school activities.

#4 - The yearbook is a conversation starter! It can serve as reference when someone's name is mentioned. Now, who was that guy in the junior class who...? Do you remember our science teacher...? Who was on the football team?

#3 - Someday you may have to prove to someone that you actually were on the basketball team! or the cheer squad - or in the band - or in the library club - or.... The yearbook connects the person you are now to the person you become in ten or twenty (or thirty or forty +) years.

#2 - The yearbook is a bargain! You can purchase a yearbook in October for only $35.00.  If you wait until November, the price goes up to $45.00, and in January it will cost you $55.00. Buy one now! Just think for only $55.00 tops you can have a priceless treasure that only becomes more meaningful over time.

#1 - Bottom line, the yearbook is truly a keepsake that one values more and more with each passing year.

Yearbooks can be purchased from jostensyearbooks.com

Yearbook staff members will also be more than happy to sell you a yearbook.

You don't want to miss out on an opportunity to display your Colt Pride because #WeAreRivercrest!

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