Monday, October 22, 2018


The Rivercrest School District is continually striving to improve teaching and learning opportunities in order to help all students achieve success.  I have highlighted some key moments below.

  • Teachers are not settling for students' lack of effort. I can think of more than one teacher who has encouraged a student to "re-do" an assignment - and the student was able to to truly demonstrate what had been learned. Oh, how I wish ALL students would give their best every effort the first time - every time!
  • Numerous students in the elementary were recognized for both academic achievement and perfect attendance. I appreciate the parental support for helping those students in their endeavors.
  • Lower elementary students used Book Creator to make classroom books. The students were the authors and the illustrators, and they did a fantastic job. 
  • Rivercrest Voices performed at the Johnny Cash Music Festival and did a great job singing not only the Rivercrest Alma Mater, but also a collection of songs highlighting Johnny Cash.
  • High school teachers are analyzing their curriculum as well as student data. They are looking for ways to better support high levels of student learning.
  • And what about the Rivercrest Band? Those students have worked extremely hard, and their competitions scores are the best the band has ever received.
  • Elementary teachers are continuing to learn about the Science of Reading through the RISE Initiative. I'm excited that our students are learning from the most well-trained staff ever!
  • The football concession stand is nearing completion! It is going to be great to have this round of construction projects finished. 
This first nine weeks of school is in the books! I'm looking forward to the activities that come with the second nine weeks: enjoying the Fall Festival on November 3rd, finishing strong in football, beginning basketball, and relaxing during a week-long fall break. Those activities help round out the full experience of our school community. However, we will never lose sight of learning targets as we strive for continual improvement. #WeAreRivercrest

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