Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Professional Learning Communities at Work

Rivercrest Elementary was selected to participate in a Professional Learning Community (PLC) pilot project through the Arkansas Department of Education. On-site consultants are working with faculty to refine curriculum in mathematics and literacy as well as providing support for strong instructional strategies. We are striving to address four critical questions:

  • What do we want students to know and be able to do?
  • How will we know if they are learning?
  • What will we do if they are not learning?
  • What will we do for the students who already know their work?
We have been challenged to revisit our mission, vision, and collective commitments as we strive to meet the rigorous goals that have been set. We are "smack dab in the middle" of a continuous cycle of improvement! We are examining our curriculum, analyzing student achievement, and determining our next instructional steps based upon the data. I can't think of a better methodology to meet the needs of our students. Our ultimate goal is to create an environment of high expectations and intensive support in which each student is able to achieve. 

Heather Friziellie - Solution Tree
We are striving to expand this work throughout the district. We are evaluating what is working well - as well as assessing opportunities for growth. We are considering the structures that we have in place - including scheduling, course offerings, and services provided. Many of the initiatives are working as designed, but we realize there is room for improvement in other areas. After all, we are a learning organization. We will continue to learn and to grow and to impact student achievement in a positive manner. As we reflect upon our mission, vision, collective commitments, and goals, I know that we will gain insights for working collaboratively to ensure the future-readiness of all of our students. #WeAreRivercrest

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